• Features and Advantages


    ·         Digital inverter technology.
    ·         Ideal for maintenance-repair and steel installation workshops and small-size welded construction applications.
    ·         Excellent arc characteristics and outstanding performance for rutile and basic electrode types.
    ·         Ideal for welding of carbon and low-alloy steels, even stainless steels.
    ·         220V-1Ph input voltage and maximum output current of 160 amp provide a continuous welding operation with electrodes in diameters of 2.5 and 3.2 mm.
    ·         Suitable for operation on site or within a workshop environment by providing maximum flexibility.
    ·         Weighing only 7.3 kg.
    ·         Fan cooling.
    ·         Thermostatic overload protection and indicator light.
    ·         Easy-to-use and user-friendly control panel.
    ·         Recessed controls and connections designed to help protect controls from damage.
    ·         Two quarter-turn (positive and negative) output terminals for easy cable connection.
    ·         IP21S protection class.
    ·         Meet EN60974-1 and CE standards for safety and reliability.
    ·         Two years warranty on parts and labor.